The Whistling Shop

The Whistling Shop challenges our senses on all levels, set up by the revolutionary Fluid Movement team, they’ve brought a whole new drinking experience to us Londoners once again. Since their famed bar Purl exploded on the London bar scene, Fluid have gone on to become the Heston of cocktails. Set in a Victorian inspired cocktail bar between Shoreditch and the City of London, you can expect the edgier folk to frequent this drinking joint (it’s not one for the city boys so rest assured you’re hanging with the cool kids). But once you’re down the frankly alarmingly dark stairway (and your eyes have adjusted to the blackout vibe) you’ll realise you’re in the right spot. You might need your night vision goggles but the curtain pulls back to show off the most wonderful lair under the busy London streets.

With an in-house laboratory they concoct drinks from herbs, spices, fruits and of course hard liquor so test out your taste buds under the candlelight. The menu is set around Earth, Wind, Ice and Fire but less 70’s rock band, more East London types show us how drinking should be done. The ‘Undyed Bloodshed’ combines Machu Pisco, champagne and all sorts of unpronounceable xanthan gum-esque treats (we don’t care what’s in it – it’s frankly delicious) and they don’t scrimp on ingredients; Nikka whisky, Johnnie Walker Black Label and Tanqueray are the building blocks of their drinks. It’s a feast for the eyes and a veritable workout for the liver.

Take a date or your mates. The music is fantastic, you can book a booth with cosy banquette seating and settle in for the evening.


The Whistling Shop Collage

63 Worship Street, London EC2A 2DU

Cocktails from £9

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