Mensos Concierge is “Holiday Planning made Easy” – Harper’s Bazaar, February 2018


Suzy Small named one of Condé Nast Traveller’s Experts

“The Experts is the little black book of all the people you need to know in travel: the exceptional individuals who transform trips into adventures, who have the personal history and expertise, the stories and the access, to set them apart from all that is humdrum.  These are the pioneers and explorers, wine connoisseurs and tribal historians, wildlife trackers and heli-skiing guides whose insider knowledge we may occasionally hear about through friends of friends, but whose details are rarely put down on paper, particularly not in one stand-alone publication. This has been a dream project for a long time; Condé Nast Traveller makes it possible through its years in the field and its one-on-one escapades around the world. This is The Experts, a celebration of some very special characters and their global brilliance.”