Le Gavroche

We are delighted that Albert Roux passed his culinary knowledge onto his son, Michel Jr. Having opened Le Gavroche in 1967 with his brother Michel, it had passed to Albert’s son to continue its success. This explains why not much was changed when he took the reins from his famed father in 1991, sending it stratospheric with not one, but three Michelin stars. Please note you may never be able to eat out ever again after one meal here. It leaves you wondering why on earth you ever attempted a cheese soufflés at home. The menu shows every other restaurant how French cooking should be done; nothing is messed with instead using the finest ingredients and the best cooking to showcase their talents. Grilled fillet of Scottish beef, Arabian spiced seabass, grilled scallops with a clam minestrone – this is exceptionally special food and will be a meal to be remembered. A perfect location for a special occasion.

43 Upper Brook Street, London W1K 7QR

From £124 for 8 course tasting menu

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