We are not specialists in Africa, and nor do we pretend to be. Instead, for these trips further afield, we work with the very best operators in the business. Travel companies who are the absolute experts in this field of travel and have been creating bespoke adventures and luxury tailor-made tours for the last 25 years.

They are not award-winning companies for no reason. We can choose the correct agency to work with dependant on your requirements and budget and then do a lot of the ‘shopping’ for you. Our clients tend to prefer having us as their main contact but we are also more than happy to put you in touch with the travel consultant directly should you rather question them directly.

We will also create bespoke trips in South Africa due to our knowledge of local guesthouses and hotels. However, if you would like to add a safari onto the end of the trip, we will then bring in another operator to ensure that you are only travelling with the most reliable and trusted suppliers.

Recent itineraries include

  • A 2-week trip to include a week in the Serengeti tracking down the world-famous wildebeest migration
  • A honeymoon in Zanzibar, moving between more rustic, beachfront hotels with a view to explore the local marine life
  • A wine tour in South Africa, starting in Cape Town before driving the Garden Route to end in Plettenburg Bay

Please contact us directly to discuss your travel plans. Please be sure to provide your preferred dates, budget and accommodation type.