Don’t be put off by the lack of website, telephone and generally far too cool for school exterior. Spuntino is the sister restaurant of Polpo and welcomes all with their no reservations policy. Perch around the bar (think American diner meets American psycho in terms of decor) or wait for a corner table. Eating is a must for their alcohol license but you won’t be able to resist the sights and smells of deep fried titbits resulting in endless grazing. Known for their heart-attack inducing, napkin necessary, carb-loading truffle egg toast and their take on sliders (mackerel, salt beef and bone marrow tastes of heaven in a handy bite), you can work your way through the menu safe in the knowledge that lips and fingers will be smacked with glee.

Stop in for an aperitif and get some serious kudos on that date with the girl you’re failing to impress. You might just win the day. A word of warning however that the waiters will inevitably look cooler than you.

61 Rupert Street, London W1D 7PW

From £6

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