It would be fair to say that Skye Gyngell’s CV holds her in high acclaim amongst her peers, so when the former Petersham Nurseries mastermind opened her ground-breaking restaurant Spring in the heart of London, it unsurprisingly was met with cheers from the food critics (one called it “charm, grace and light” with many references of their “dreamy” dishes throughout).

Following Skye’s departure as Head Chef at Petersham Nurseries – she was unhappy about the Michelin star they were awarded – the message remains the same. Fresh, seasonal ingredients used to the best of their ability. And boy, does she do it well. With her cookbooks often named as the most useful amongst chefs, Skye Gyngell delivers elegant food with little fuss. The burrata with San Daniele is the best you’ll get this side of Italy, lobster is showcased against simple white beans and tomatoes, the wild sea bass has the freshest of olive oils drizzled on top.

The surroundings are stunning. This is an evening to show off all that is right with British cooking so expect a jolly good feast with exceptional service. One of our favourite spots for a truly special meal.

Somerset House, New Wing, Lancaster Place, London WC2R 1LA

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