Coppa Club

Unrivalled views to the Shard and Tower Bridge in the glorious British sunshine up your street? Then head to Coppa Club for a masterclass in how to drink, eat and relax in style. With a huge south facing terrace that catches the sun all day, they have utilised their finest asset for the winter months too, making waves this December with their pop up igloos which can be booked for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and will be sure to impress your companions. With fur-covered seating, you might be hard pressed to get a booking at night, so we’d recommend plumping for a booking earlier in the day. Those sights continue to impress, whatever the hour.

Inside, the central, brass bar is the main focus with the tables dotted around their expansive space. The modern European menu will appeal to all and, shock horror, we’ve finally avoided a meal of sharing plates if you so wish, instead being a big girl and taking responsibility for a whole course by yourself. We’d recommend the British feather blade flash steak and chips or a warming plate of pasta but you could instead share some meatballs, crispy fried squid and seared king prawns and focus on the main task at hand – having fun.

3 Three Quays Walk, Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6AH

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