The Punch Room

It may be a Marriott but banish those thoughts of chain hotels. The London EDITION launched itself on London with much aplomb in late 2013. Work your way through the super sleek bar, past the acclaimed (and stunning) Berners Tavern restaurant to find yourself in the jewel of its crown; a mahogany and velvet-laden bar which  calls itself The Punch Room.

This secret drinking room offers considerable more privacy than the jazzier Lobby bar next door, offering up a prohibition-feel to your drinking, whatever the time of day. The lack of windows might have something to do with this but we love the fumed-oak panelled den. It feels all secretive and sexy. It almost helps the mood that you can barely read the menu. A lack of lighting seems to be a cue for over-drinking and misbehaving which adds to our sense of fun and also likely greatly increases their bank balance. It’s the kind of place you want to throw money around and ideally move in yet the ever-slick service means that pretension runs low here.

Make sure you book a table to ensure peace of mind. In fact most guests will have booked in for the evening giving the air a sense of purpose creating a sexy snug atmosphere. They’re famed for their special punches served in cauldrons. Guests can order one of ten carefully crafted speciality punches, or do as we did and go for the Punch A la Romaine – a veritable bucket of champagne, gin and mind-bending ice cubes in what could only be described as a veritable vat. It kept us going for hours.


The Punch Room Collage

10 Berners Street, London W1T 3NP

Cocktails from £10.50

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