Bellanger is located smack-bang in the middle of Islington Green. A funny little pocket where the surrounding area promises great things but in fact has an outlook to burger restaurants and nacho joints. Those clever chaps Corbin & King know what us Londoners’ want to eat. And the current trend is all about the bustling bistros of Paris with seemingly organised chaos somehow delivering endless dishes that don’t look quite so good for our cholesterol.

With its handy location just down the road from Angel tube you’d think this might be another chain restaurant but Bellanger boasts detailed dining at its best. In fact, it feels a lot like sitting in the Wolseley. With fantastic service (subtlety is key), the menu offers great things; sharing Coq au Riesling or branching out on your own for a taste of the veal schnitzel. Traditional tartes, escargots and steak tartare also all feature. In fact you could almost loosen your waistband just thinking about it.

Take a date, a colleague or your Mum. Hopefully anyone over the age of 30 who’ll be reminded of holidaying in France as a youngster. Just be careful to order those crêpes suzette for a sticky ending.

9 Islington Green, London N1 2XH

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