8 Hoxton Square

The irony of East London is now lost on itself finding achingly-cool hipster hangouts on every street corner. However 8 Hoxton Square has outdone themselves with – gasp, shock horror – taking reservations. It’s nice to know you can plan where to eat that night although they do keep back a tables for those walk-ins.

Luckily it’s that small plate trend once again (goats cheese, padron peppers, Iberian jamon, fried baby squid, smoked trout) but with a side of exceptionally smiley service from their attentive staff. This is a restaurant packed full each night meaning lots of noise and laughter from the well-cared for patrons within. It also lends itself nicely to those more adventurous diners (monkfish liver should not be overlooked) and a ridiculously reasonable wine list.

8 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU

Small plates from £4

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