Formentera – Ibiza without the headache

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Formentara is Ibiza’s jewel in its crown. Having recently returned from a hedonistic jaunt to Ibiza, we were left shaken and stirred. A holiday was required. Reading a book. Away from the reverberating sounds of Pete Tong. So we set off for a few days to explore Formentara only previously known for being a boat trip away from Ibiza mainland. I thought the far-off beats of Ushaia would be playing in my ears rather than enjoying absolute peace and quiet on this small stretch of sand.

We arrived in Formentara to the hustle and bustle of island life. Horizontal was seemingly the order of the day which was a pleasant surprise seeing that the 30 minute hydrofoil over to the island had consisted of repeats of Manumission stage shows which are not for the faint-hearted. With mopeds and bikes available for rent at every shop front, we hopped in our car rental and quickly realised that we were part of one large cycle tour. Formentara’s roads are lined with cycle tracks for islanders to scoot around as they please. Seeing that the island is only 12 miles long I can see why this appeals. However let’s keep things firmly in perspective. A 2 mile bike ride with your other half will surely end in a few tears and tantrums. A car is the only sensible solution.

This is Ibiza before it became overrun with those over-zealous party types intent on tracking down Blue Marlin, paying 80 EUR for a daybed and people watching as you’re gently cooled by mist sprays. Those who tire of feeling like you’re in a music video should aim for Formentara next time. Stripped timber, rustic tables and white curtains still are a feature found in most restaurants and bars here but the price tag is considerably more affordable and the pretension has been left on the mainland. In fact, everywhere we went exceeded expectations.

What helps this little land of luxury is that the Italians took it over in the 1960’s. With their Italian basketballs teams oddly being sent here for training, they all came to buy property on the island when it was time to retire. This means us tourists have been left with a manscape of Italian men whose faces would surely launch a thousand ships. From the petrol station to the 5-star hotel, you will be greeted by another Italian Adonis. I hope your boyfriend is not the jealous type as he may have his work cut out for him on this trip. Maybe the ideal location for a hen do in fact.

Steer clear of the hotels as with them came an air of haughtiness that we didn’t encounter anywhere else on the island. But instead there are B&B’s delicately located on the edge of the sea with change from 200 EUR a night giving you your own space to explore and be at one and all that with the island. Everything here is stripped back but not in a ‘don your meditation mat’ kind of way. Think chilled out, aioli-heavy, Italian-petting kind of way. I am booking my flight back as we speak…

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