We all need a reliable watering hole. Somewhere to rest our weary, sober heads. Preferably on a bar with non-slippy stools, fabulous lighting and a playlist that is oh-so-subtle but has those feet a-tapping. We’ve scoured and trodden those London streets to bring to you the bars that capture the imagination with out-there cocktails served with a side of the finest bar snacks (Padron peppers usually lure us in but we understand the London tastebuds expect exceedingly delicious titbits nowadays).

Some of these bars are off the beaten track. We suggest you get on the bus, tube, hoverpad in order to find them. Upcoming sunny nights watching the world go by await and you do need to know where to perch this Summer in advance to guarantee the best view.

Cocktails are a must. We know where to find the finest espresso martini in town (it’s our little secret for now but we’ll give you a clue; it’s on the list).  Elderflower, raspberry, lycee or snozzcumber martinis are now two-a-penny but we’d like to think our careful vetting of our bars pass muster with your high expectations. Have a suggestion? Oh go on then. We’ll drag ourselves off to try it out…

Drinkin’ rum before 10am makes you a pirate, not an alcoholic’

Earl Dibbles Jr.

To Drink Key