The Ledbury

Brett Graham stamped his mark on Notting Hill  when he opened The Ledbury leaving the surrounding restaurants quivering in its wake. Even with the kudos of 2 Michelin stars, this is without question the prettiest food you ever did see. Thank god it’s not all swamped in indistinguishable foams; instead presenting pigeon confit and not-to-be-missed banana and chocolate malt tart.

The sign of a sympathetic chef? The excellent vegetarian tasting menu resulting in sighs of relief from the green-juice crowd who can enjoy similar perks to their carnivorous friends.

Perfect for corporate dinners with the need to impress or dazzle your potential Father-in-Law with dinner here when asking for her hand. Old school but we like it.

127 Ledbury Road, London W11 2AQ

From £95 for 4 courses

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