Hereford Road

Serious, robust food. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Hereford Road is a man’s dream menu (roast quail, pork pies and ox liver all feature) in American diner surroundings. This is how to make your man happy. Seated in your cosy leather booth you’ll usually catch sight of a few famous faces who declare Hereford Road as one of their favourite dining spots in London. Champions of nose-to-tail eating (the head chef hails from St John Bread and Wine) and is attached to their very own butcher which explains the heavy-on-the-offal menu. Open daily for lunch and dinner, work your way through cold roast pigeon with dandelion and watercress, devilled lamb kidney’s or deep fried calf’s brain with tartare sauce for the more robust diner. Settle into your booth and order in. We expect you to return on a daily basis.

3 Hereford Road, London W2 4AB

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