Noted to be one of the finest steak restaurants in London it’s no wonder the Hawksmoor sites have been popping up like daisy’s all over town. It will soon be a firm favourite of the man in your life delivering hulking great pieces of the finest steaks to the table, sided with beef dripping fries and macaroni cheese. It’s really just a lesson in how to carb-load. Now found from Air Street to Spitalfields, Knightsbridge to Manchester, you’ll realise why the Hawksmoor has become known to be one of the best steak houses in the UK. For those who prefer to keep their protein intake from the sea, don’t fear. They grill their fish (bream, monkfish, lobster) over the same charcoal fire creating a delicious smoky flavour to your fish. Add in some creamed spinach and roasted mushrooms and you have yourself a significantly gentler meal on the waistline.

Puddings are unsurprisingly limited. We’re not sure how many people get that far. For those with a ‘healthy’ appetite, head for the lemon and yuzu meringue tart with yoghurt sorbet. Jumping on the Asian fusion movement, this sharp citrus pud is the perfect finish to the meal. Loose-fitting trousers are essential in the enjoyment of this menu.

5A Air Street, London W1J 0AD

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