Bourne & Hollingsworth

Tucked away behind the charming Exmouth Market you’ll find cocktails-a-plenty to be enjoyed under the stunning greenhouse canopy that sits overhead at Bourne & Hollingsworth. With their high ceilings and huge glass doors that open onto the street in the summer months this is the perfect spot for large groups to gather after a hard day at work, working your way through the cocktail list until all your colleagues start to look alarmingly more attractive than they do at their desk.

Attracting a slightly older, bearded clientele (Clerkenwell isn’t cheap which means you’re likely to find mid-30’s rather than the younger Holborn crowd) it’s quite frankly a relief to not have a fight on our hands to get to the bar. The barmen are knowledgeable and efficient; nothing says a good night out like a seat, a quick order and a noise level that doesn’t border on a ‘din’. We’re showing our age but for a relaxing night out with the cool kids, this is the place to go.

Cocktails are classic but adventurous; apple, rhubarb and tequila is the kind of palette-awakening delight that summer calls for but if you’re easing in gently we’d recommend the Applegrass which marries bisongrass vodka with vanilla liqueur, fresh ginger, grenadine and thyme-infused cognac. Better order a taxi home.

Bourne & Hollingsworth

42 Northampton Road, London EC1R 0HU

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