The Rum Kitchen

Notting Hill has a problem. It tends to shut down by 10pm leaving nights falling flat. Finally we have the Rum Kitchen. A late night haunt offering supper, drinking and dancing. Unsurprisingly it’ll be rum on the menu. Rum everything in fact. But the food is junk-tastic delish and is a great spot for dinner with friends to line the stomach before the rum goggles take over with a menu based on a Caribbean jerk shack so jerk chicken and pulled pork are the order of the day served with delightfully bright and fresh rainbow salads brimming with juicy red peppers and coconut flakes. If you’re heading here after dusk, don’t let the bouncers put you off. Hold your head high and walk with intent. You’ve got a great mojito waiting the other side.


The Rum Kitchen Collage

6-8 All Saints Road, London W11 1HH

Cocktails from £7.50

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