The Duke of Cumberland

Much as we don’t want to tell you about this gastonomic gem we can no longer keep it to ourselves. Turning up on horseback or classic car to The Duke of Cumberland would be the ideal as this country lane doesn’t lend well to Bentley’s anyway (nor does the pub clientele). With crayfish risottos, scallops and black pudding and sirloin steak it’s well worth the drive. It was put on the map by Tatler which does now mean you have to crawl over a Camilla or two to get a drink at the bar but head there in the summer months and you can find a pew outside with some rather glorious views. If you can’t get a table in the main pub there’s a barn extension round the back that caters well for large groups and rowdy kids. There’s still barely enough room to swing a cat but that just adds to the charm.

Secret Location, Fernhurst, Surrey GU27 3HQ

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