The Albion

North London knows how to do good pubs and they don’t disappoint with their much loved Albion. It’s easy to stumble upon endless watering holes seeing no light of day for 8 strong hours. But for a great lunch, afternoon or dinner, the Albion in the heart of Islington is regularly mooted as the ‘Best Sunday Lunch’ in London. Braised pig cheeks and sea breams feature on the menu, log fires roar in the winter and a stunning beer garden suits the masses for the Summer. Book ahead or expect a queue where the secret’s out due to it’s enormous outside space, perfect for hordes of screaming kids to run around endlessly tiring themselves out for Mum and Dad. Think of it as a beer-laden playground so if you’re expecting a quiet drink you won’t find it here. Of course this gives every reason to visit the Albion in the daytime of a weekday when the kids are at school. What a great idea.

10 Thornhill Road, London N1 1HW

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