Oriole Bar

Oriole Bar was opened by the same team behind the famed Nightjar in November 2015 bringing some rather exclusive cocktail combinations to us Londoners’ lips in the heart of Shepherd Market. Inspired by Old and New World drinking habits, there is also a touch of the Orient with their adventurous alcoholic journeys making us really never need to leave British shores ever again. Cocktails are served here with flourish; Africa and Europe make up the ‘Old World’ list – ‘Fernworthy’ combining Plymouth gin, infused Tasmanian pepper , radish, Beetroot eau and champagne and Borage honey is top of our list, the ‘New World’ is the promised new land of the Americas – ‘Ollantaytambo’ is a heady mix of premium pisco portón, ginger soda, egg white and the bafflingly named purple corn. The Orient menu features the astoundingly glamorous ‘Ryoan-J1’, served in a cracked egg and inspired by the Zen gardens of Kyoto with blue milk, Nikka whisky from the barrel, seagrass syrup and frozen rambutan.

The best drinks in London? Probably…be prepared to wowed with the magical barmen at work here. Not for the faint-hearted.

East Poultry Avenue, Smithfield Markets, London EC1A 9LH

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