Gifts that touch the heart and don’t break the bank

The last time I tried to search for a romantic gift online it came up with a paperweight that cost £15,000. I’m pretty sure that ‘price’ should have been part of the search tool as I didn’t realise that people regularly bought totally useless gifts that could have been more than enough cash for a new car. Sometimes we don’t need outlandish gestures and we certainly don’t need paperweights. Women love jewellery. It’s very simple. There are plenty of other ideas for the lady in your life which we’ve thrown in for good measure but remember that a £15 necklace will be as loved as a £15,000 necklace. As long as you have stuck to their style and haven’t gone off piste then she’ll love it. Remember it’s about what they’ll love not what you love.

Framed Butterfly
Framed Butterfly £79
Everyone loves butterflies. Well we’ve yet to come across anyone that doesn’t. This collection comes in white, blue or our favourite bluey green papilio. We sourced these for one Mensos client who impressed his wife on Valentine’s Day with one of each. How romantic.

Harry Rocks Entwined Initials Disc Necklace £70
Harry Rocks were a bit of find mainly due to their great value beautiful personalised jewellery options. This disc necklace combines initials to be a great romantic disc (hoping there are only two people in your relationship). Allow at least 2 weeks for delivery (this is not one for last minute gifts).

Personalised Sound Wave Print £45
Usually these kind of novelty gifts don’t look quite so good in the flesh but this personalised sound wave print is something we’d be proud to hang on the wall. Choose your special song and this metre-wide matte sound wave print will be delivered within weeks. Perfect for his study.

Alex Monroe Gold Plated Twisted Anchor Ring

Alex Monroe Anchor Ring £190
London based jewellery designer Alex Monroe has been designing and making jewellery for over 25 years and he has really knocked it out the park with this gold-plated twisted rope ring. Declaring yourself ‘tied to her’ (or the like) and still having money left over for a slap up meal.

Love Neon Light
Love Neon Light £275
You can illuminate your home like Blackpool and keep the change. Declare your love to the world with this neon ‘love’ sign ideally against a backdrop of exposed brick(this is made for an industrial flat but perhaps that’s asking too much). Meaning you can soften up his bachelor pad (now romantic love nest) even if you can’t afford a piece from Tracey Emin.