Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Smythson Personalised StationeryThink outside the box with Smythson’s personalised stationery giving you both gravitas behind your new coupled-up identity. Easily ordered online using Smythson’s interactive service, you can choose the layout, lettering, motifs and colours and send it off to them to get them ready for the mountain of letter writing they have to wade through. Correspondence cards start at £195 but borders, motifs and tissue lining all come at additional costs.

Ralph Lauren Club Stripe Duvet CoverYou can’t go wrong with this 100% cotton Ralph Lauren Club Stripe Duvet Cover for a wedding present to remember. These old school stripes will fit into any household and surely worth encouraging you two to stay in bed with the luxurious 200 thread count woven-cotton duvet (you’re still fairly newly wed after all). Pair up with some friends to team with the matching pillow cases and bottom sheet and give them the whole set. From £149 – £279.

Luxury Leather Travel Gift SetSTOW can trump Smythson in our eyes when it comes to leather goods. With a fresh take on leathered gifts, the real bonus is their personalisation service. A must in our day and age. This STOW leather travel set is handmade in the Spanish pueblo blanco of Ubrique with goat’s suede lining and their signature golf zip pull. The stud box is perfect for storing a watch or collar studs whilst the cufflink box can conveniently fit in a pocket with the coin tray to unfold at his destination. Give it a personalised touch keeping it simple with his initials (up to 4) for a jolly good price of £310.

Pro Q Smoker

He’s got his fishing rods and thinks nothing of whiling away the hours on the riverbank waiting for that elusive trout to surface. You can help make this a slightly more social pastime by giving him the means to smoke it once home. For the proud rugged foody man in your life, this Pro Q hot and cold smoker set comes ready with the wood chips (you see, wood) so he can smoke his fish with a combination of hot smoke (via charcoal) or cold smoke via smouldering wood smoke. It’s not limited to fish either – marinaded pork loin, smoked cheese and pancetta can all be thrown in for a smoke all for the rather bargain price of £260. You’ll never have to visit Sainsbury’s again.

Neon I Heart You SignIt might be made of glass but aluminium must be in there somewhere. Firstly, we love this sign as without the lights off you can be safe in the knowledge your couple cuteness is your little secret. Turn the lights off and declare your love with this ready-t0-made Neon I Heart You Symbol Sign – we think a bit of a snip at £230 (not that pennies should be pinched for the big decade celebrations).  You can choose from up to sixty different phrases (‘Kiss’ and ‘Love’ are also popular) and let the sign light up your life.