How does it work?

So how does it work? Spending years sourcing the best bar, pub or restaurant for one of the UK’s best Pub Guides has meant we have a nose for fun, unique and elegant watering holes. Let us know what kind of thing you’re after and leave the rest to us. We’ll then give you a selection to choose from and get your reservation booked in. Any extras such as florist recommendations, pre-supper drinks and taxi services all come as part of the package.

We know good gifts. Nothing helps the Brownie points when you invest a little time and thought into a present and go off the beaten track. We will need some information such as the type of person they are, hobbies and interests to give us an idea of where to go. Known for conjuring up bespoke hampers hand-delivered to their door brimming with goodies, Mensos Concierge also know the great little artisans who can make you a unique gift. Our emphasis on locally-produced, British talent comes through in everything we do. Your gift should have a story as unique as the recipient.

Rest assured we will find you a deal if there’s one to be had as scouring those websites promising cheap hotel rooms can seem endless and exhausting. But it’s our nose for a bargain that may tempt you to use our services rather than start trawling Google. Whether you want to spend £100 – £600 a night, we know our hotels and can likely find something to suit you and your budget. If you’re after a budget stay though then we’re not the right port of call for you, preferring our clients to maximise their time away but still have an element of enjoyment. Nobody likes a bunk bed unless you’re under 10.

The same goes for flights. Comparison websites? Valium necessary. But leave it with us as it all comes part of the deal; from finding the right low budget airline for you and your preferred departure point, your car rental or transport whilst abroad to booking your taxi home. Weekends away come with restaurant recommendations and anything that needs to be booked in advance will go through us. We will steer you to the best days out and book that day on a boat if needs be. Whatever takes your fancy.

Looking for something a bit different? We can surely help from sourcing those elusive hotel rooms for your company outing, a last-minute restaurant for you and 15 colleagues or just a day of helping restore a little order in your frantically over-paperworked life. We’ve done it all helping clients see the wood from the trees once again and focus instead on what’s really important.