Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Gift Ideas for Him

You can keep it simple but we like to think our man is a little more debonair nowadays having realised us ladies like a) good footwear and b) good hygiene. Bearded or not, there’s no excuse for slapdash hygiene. Find us a man who wouldn’t like to receive one of these Christmas Gift Ideas in his stocking. If so, he’s just not our kind of man.

Ally Capellino Backpack

From their rich English heritage manufacturing in Britain for over 30 years, Ally Capellino is known for her sturdy but highly stylized bags. This is the ultimate backpack for any chic cyclist (most men discover bikes at some point in their 30′s). With two large front pockets, bridle leather straps and side pockets for your umbrella this waxed number will keep dry in these rainy conditions. Made in the UK. But of course.

Price: £280

Harley & Co Blackberry Whiskey Candle

Handmade in London, we’re delighted to welcome these new candle-makers to you. They’re a little bit obsessed with bulldogs so they started out to create a soy wax candle in the shape of their beloved dog, Harley. They’ve branched out to glass options with a burn time of up to 50 hours. This whisky and blackberry candle is an amazing combination for the nose but is also non-toxic due to its soy make-up. Ethical tick.

Price: £17
L'Estrange Paris Print

Everyone loves a hoody but sometimes it’s hard to avoid the ‘hoodlum’ / rolled out of bed look. Pull off an altogether more stylish get-up with Wolf & Badger’s L’Estrange Paris Print hoody made from super-soft 100% cotton and lined with a paisley print to give that hint of debonair. Tailored to flatter, no other hoody comes close to this version with a nod to the Italian fashions.

Price: £195
Black Dioniso Shearling Suede Trainers

For men who only wear trainers or for those who you’re trying to (unsubtly) push in the right direction, shove him into the 21st century with this shearling suede version from Black Dioniso. Mixing the classic trainer style with a hefty Italian sophistication his feet never looked so smart. They also come in black but we love the tan version against the burgundy heel panel. No. More. Loafers.

Price: £215
Need more help? We source a selection of Christmas gifts for a small fee of £25 (plus VAT) for each category or can provide a selection for each member of the family for £50 (plus VAT). Please do get in touch to sign up for the Christmas service. We’ll just need a little information on each family member and we can go from there!